Research, Quality, and Safety 

Our cosmetics are the result of a deep and passionate research, experimentation and innovative formulations inspired by a highly advanced green science. Quality and safety are essential for us! Therefore, we chose raw materials from certified organic cultivation. Furthermore, all our cosmetics are subject to rigorous quality control, such as stability, compatibility, dermatological and ophtalmological tests. They are tested on nickel, cobalt, chronium, and the main metals responsible for skin sensitization.

No product is tested on animals and raw materials of animal derivate are also banned.

Juveniis do not contains parabens, petrolatum, alcohol, silicone, SLS, peg, paraffin and added Lanonine. Natural cosmetics, safe, that redice the risk of allergies, irritations and environmental impact. All this is guaranteed by VeganOk and Halal certification.

Why VeganOk? Because a vision of the “vegan” world goes far beyond food, it involves all aspect of life! A philosophy able to give harmony and wellbeing beyond the skin, in full respect and love for animals and the environment that hosts us.

Why Halal? Because it’s excellence! A quality seal and respect of the rules. The Bio-cosmetics Juveniis in fact are free of alchol, animal derivated or ingredients from GMOs.